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Famous writer Khalid Hosseini said – proud of transgender daughter, people gave such a reaction

Khalid Hosseini Daughter: Afghan-American writer and novelist Khalid Hosseini has been the subject of discussion about his daughter these days. Khalid Hosseini, who wrote best-selling novels like ‘The Kite Runner’ and ‘A Thousand Splendid Sons’, made a disclosure about his daughter on Twitter. For which he has been greatly appreciated.

Khalid Hosseini wrote on Twitter that his daughter is transgender and he is proud of his daughter, who is teaching him and his family about ‘bravery and truth’. Khalid Hosseini’s daughter’s name is Haris, who is about 21 years old.

Posting a picture of his daughter on Twitter, Khalid Hosseini wrote, ‘Yesterday, my daughter Haris came before me as a transgender. I am very proud of her. He has taught our family about bravery and truthfulness. This process has been very painful for him. She is very serious about the cruelty being meted out to transgenders, with which she is becoming very fearless and strong.

Apart from this, posting a childhood picture of his daughter, Khalid Hosseini made another tweet and wrote that ‘I love my daughter very much. She is beautiful, intelligent and talented. I will be with him every step of the way. Our entire family stands with him.

Khalid Hosseini says that emotionally, physically, socially and psychologically, Haris has faced each and every challenge with patience and wisdom. He says that he has been inspired by his daughter’s fearlessness and courage. At present, Khalid Hosseini is being highly appreciated on social media regarding this.

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