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Finland Vs Russia: Putin is scared of two women from Europe! Russia warns Finland-Sweden on NATO

MoscowIn the midst of the fierce war going on with Ukraine, the Putin government is furious over the possibility of Finland and Sweden joining NATO by the summer. Russia said that this military alliance is a means of ‘confrontation’. Russia has once again warned Finland and Sweden against joining NATO. Russian Presidential Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that Sweden and Finland joining the military alliance NATO will not improve Europe’s security system.

The Spokesperson of the Russian President said that we have repeatedly said that this alliance is a weapon for confrontation. He said that further expansion of NATO will not bring stability to the continent of Europe. Earlier, former Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Staub had said that his country could submit a formal application to join NATO in the coming weeks. He made this announcement at a time when Russian parliamentarian Vladimir Dzhbarov warned that joining NATO meant the destruction of the country.
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Finland’s Prime Minister Sana Marin rained down on Russia
At the same time, The Times newspaper claims that Sweden and Finland can join NATO by this summer. If these two countries join NATO, then the total number of countries of this military organization will be 32. Finnish Prime Minister Sana Marin has said that the time has come for Finland to change its neutral stance. He said, ‘Russia is not the neighboring country that we thought.’ He said that a decision would be taken on Finland joining NATO in June.

Meanwhile, the ruling party in Sweden is also going to formally start a debate to join NATO. If Sweden joins NATO, then its military non-alignment which has been going on for the last several decades will end. Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersen is very angry with Putin’s attack on Ukraine. Finland shares a long border with Russia and was attacked by the Russian Red Army in 1939. Finland was not yet a part of any military alliance and used to defend itself. However, the public mood in Finland has changed after Russia attacked Ukraine.


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