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First Indian soldiers were returned, now Muslim country Maldives is breaking another agreement

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Maldives President Mohammed Moizzu and PM Modi.

Maldives and India: Ever since Mohammed Moizzu became the President of Maldives, he has been taking anti-India decisions. Mohammad Moizzu has the support of China. Earlier, when he was in opposition, he used to spew ‘venom’ against India. Now immediately after becoming the President, the first thing he has said is to send the Indian soldiers deployed in Maldives for decades back to their country. Now it has also announced to end another important agreement with India. Know what is that special agreement?

Muslim country Maldives has recently started an exercise to send Indian soldiers who have been deployed in Maldives for decades, back to India. Now an important agreement with India is being broken. This led to President Mohammed Muizzu deciding to terminate the 2019 agreement for cooperation in the field of hydrology between the Indian Navy and the Maldives National Defense Force, after asking India to withdraw its military personnel from the Maldives.

The agreement which was canceled was signed by PM Narendra Modi

Maldives capital Male on Thursday informed India about its decision to cancel the agreement which was signed during PM Narendra Modi’s visit in June 2019. The agreement allowed the Indian Navy to conduct extensive hydrographic surveys in the Maldives to help improve navigation safety, economic development, security and defense cooperation, environmental protection, coastal zone management and scientific research.

This agreement was signed during the time of former President Ibrahim Solih

According to media reports, the Navy has so far conducted 3 such surveys under the agreement signed with India by current President Mohammad Moizzu’s predecessor Ibrahim Solih. A senior official in the Maldivian President’s Office said that future hydrography work would be carried out under 100 per cent Maldivian ownership and would be communicated only to the Maldivian people. He said that the ‘secret agreements’ signed by the previous government will be reviewed. The Moizzoo administration claims that ‘the previous government had endangered the independence and sovereignty of the Maldives.’

Projects worth $500 million were involved

The new government led by Momuiju took power only last month. Which is widely seen as pro-China. Moijju had earlier said that she would review some of the agreements that the previous government had signed with India. Along with this, efforts were also appealed to accelerate the work with the Indian economy. The most prominent of these include projects like the $500 million Greater Male Connectivity Project. Muizzu is also intent on expelling Indian military personnel who are involved in the operation and maintenance of two naval helicopters and a Dornier aircraft gifted to Male from India.

Moijju government has China’s support

Ever since Moijju’s government was formed in Maldives, he has been taking anti-India decisions. Before this, the government that was in power had the support of India. This is the reason why Moijju’s government is breaking agreements with India. Moijju’s government is considered a supporter of China.

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