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First photo of dictator Kim Jong Un’s secret daughter goes viral? Know what the experts said

Kim Jong-un Daughter: North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un has come, keeping his family away from the camera. Very little is known about his family members. In such a situation, now a picture is becoming increasingly viral on social media. It is being claimed about this picture that she is the daughter of Kim Jong Un.

Actually, a girl who appeared on local TV during an event held in North Korea has attracted everyone’s attention. Many believed that she could be the reclusive and only daughter of their country’s leader Kim Jong-un named Joo-e.

Ju-e seen performing the song

The UK’s Daily Mail newspaper reported that he was seen earlier this month among a group of other children attending the anniversary of the founding of North Korea. She was performing a song at the event in which Kim and his wife Ri Sol-joo were also present. Kim Jong’s wife Ri Sol-joo was seen patting other children present at the event.

Ju-e was born in 2013

At the same time, Kim Jong’s alleged daughter Joo-e appeared calm on one side as if she was well acquainted with Ri Sol-joo. At that time other children were seen hovering around the dictator of North Korea and jumping with enthusiasm. Not only this, the camera was also keeping a special focus on this girl. Local reports are being told that Ju-e was born in 2013.

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