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From Britain to Portugal, ‘Indian’ leaders are changing the picture of international politics, Rishi Sunak will become a bridge?

London: Rishi Sunak of Indian origin is now the Prime Minister of Britain. Along with them, now the UK has also become that part of the world where the roots of the head are connected with India. From the UK to Portugal and Suriname, Indian-origin heads of state not only help strengthen diplomatic ties, but they also highlight many more aspects. The world and Britain have changed a lot now and Sunak becoming PM reflects this. A Hindu PM is now present at 10 Downing Street. Many politicians like Sunak have become role models for Indians.

Many opportunities for India
If we talk about Sunak, then he is the first person of Indian origin to become the PM of Britain and the first Hindu who has reached this position. Sunak was born 15 years after the death of former British PM Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill who is known for his hatred for Indians, Sunak became the first non-black PM in his country. He is also the first non-British head of the Conservative Party, formed in 1834. This is a historic occasion for many in India. But the question is, how many and how many opportunities does the appearance of Sunak or another leader of Indian origin present for the Indian diplomat.

a strong link

The Government of India has always wanted to establish close contacts with Indians settled abroad. Whenever Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed the Indian community, he has said the same thing with emphasis. When PM Modi congratulated Sunak, he said, ‘The new PM is like a bridge between the Indians settled in the UK.’ Harsh Shringla, who was India’s ambassador to the US before PM Modi, had also termed Indian-Americans as a fundamental link between the two countries. In such a situation, Sunak’s coming in front is an opportunity to strengthen this ‘live link’. Along with this, it will also help in furthering cultural diplomacy.

many more leaders
Apart from Sunak, there are many other Indian leaders who are working in this way to bring India closer to the world. Portugal, Guyana, Mauritius, Suriname and Seychelles, these are the countries where Indian is the head. Antonio Costa is present in the post of PM of Portugal since 2015 and he is also an Indian. Costa’s father, Orlando da Costa, was a writer from Goa. He has written many articles about the Indian Portuguese community. Similarly, in the year 2020, Mohammad Irfan was elected the President of Guyana. Irfan’s descendants migrated from India to Guyana in the middle of the 19th century, where the British ruled.



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