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From runner-up to front runner in just 45 days, Rishi Sunak can become the Prime Minister of Britain today

Rishi Sunak: Politics in Britain is taking a turn moment by moment. After the resignation of Liz Truss, once again British politician of Indian origin Rishi Sunak is leading the race for Prime Minister. According to UK media reports, Rishi Sunak is going to become the next Prime Minister of UK. Boris Johnson has announced not to contest the election. On the other hand, now Rishi Sunak has only Penny’s challenge in front of him, which is being considered as negligible.

Know the latest updates of UK PM election in 10 points

  • Rishi Sunak has the support of 142 members of Parliament. Much more than the 100 marks required to secure the top position. Just weeks after losing to Liz Truss in a summer leadership contest, Tory MPs are making a new attempt to run for the PM post.
  • “I want to fix my economy, unify my party and work for my country,” the former Indian-origin chancellor said in a brief statement confirming his widely expected candidacy.
  • Boris Johnson is out of the race for prime minister. It was claimed by his supporters that Johnson has the support of 100 MPs, but UK media reports do not agree with this claim. At the same time, he decided to drop out of the race for the post of PM and said that he would not lead a “united party in Parliament”.
  • Boris Johnson said he had won the support of 102 lawmakers and could “return to Downing Street”, but failed to persuade Sunak, or other contender Penny Mordant, to come together “in the national interest”.
  • He said he had come to the conclusion that “it would not be right to do so” because “you cannot govern effectively unless you have a united party in Parliament.”
  • Following Boris Johnson’s announcement, Sunak tweeted a tweet praising his former boss’s leadership for leading the country through some of the toughest challenges, including Brexit, the COVID vaccine rollout and the war in Ukraine.
  • “Although he has decided not to contest for PM again, I hope he will continue to contribute to public life at home and abroad,” he said.
  • Now that Boris Johnson is out of the race for the post of PM, now only Penny Mordent’s challenge is in front of Rishi Sunak. However, it is believed that Penny does not have the support of 100 MPs. He has the support of only 29 MPs. In such a situation, the path of Sunak is now almost clear.
  • According to British law, if Mordent does not garner the support of at least 100 MPs by 2 pm on Monday, then Rishi Sunak is sure to become the Prime Minister.
  • Rishi Sunak is better known in India through his wife Akshata Murthy, daughter of Narayana Murthy, the billionaire co-founder of Infosys.

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