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G20 Summit India: America and Russia will clash in G20 conference in India, there will be mention of Ukraine war, India’s problems may increase

Washington: India is the host of the G-20 summit this time. When this conference will be organized at the end of this year, then believe me, a big drama of international politics will also be seen. After the statement of an American official, the apprehension of this has increased further. A statement by Christina Siegel Knowles, head of the US G20 delegation, suggests that the G20 conference could be a troublemaker for India. In an interview given by Knowles to the Indian English newspaper Hindustan Times, it has been said that the war between Russia and Ukraine cannot be separated from the G-20 conference. Recently, when there was a meeting of foreign and finance ministers of G-20 countries in India, there was a lot of tension on this issue.

Economic instability due to war
Knowles has said in the interview that the Russia-Ukraine war cannot be separated from the G-20 agenda because it is because of this that there is food and energy insecurity, inflation and instability in the financial system in the world today. Knowles, without naming Russia and China, said that the G20 countries are having to talk again to explain the outcome of the Ukraine crisis.
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They say this is because the two countries did not like the language their leaders had agreed upon at the G-20 summit in Indonesia. According to Knowles, this situation is like urgency for the 18 countries that have not backed down from the Bali Declaration. Christina Siegel Knowles is the Special Secretary to US President Joe Biden. He is also the Senior Director of International Economics.

Drama in the first meeting
Knowles said that America’s concern is about India because it was not an issue of discussion. But now it has again become a topic of discussion as everyone has to find a way forward together. In the month of February in India, there was a lot of dilemma regarding Russia and Ukraine on the meeting of Finance and Foreign Ministers of G-20 countries.
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The leaders of the G-20 countries continued to puzzle over the name given to the Russia-Ukraine crisis. The situation was similar in the two-day meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors. Talking about issuing a joint declaration, it could not be decided by what name to address the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

India’s ‘religious crisis’

Host India wants the geopolitical tension to be termed as a ‘crisis’ or a ‘challenge’, while the US and other western countries say it is nothing less than a ‘war’. Finally the meeting ended without issuing the manifesto. Countries such as the US and France sought condemnation of Russia for the aggression, while India wanted to use neutral terminology such as crisis or challenge to describe the situation. Later, India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that a communique could not be issued in view of the objections of Russia and China. He informed that the summary and conclusion documents were issued in the meeting.

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