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Gabriela Spanic shoots Gustavo Adolfo Infante with everything and Cynthia Klitbo defends him – Latest US News Hub

journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante is still in the eye of the hurricane and this time not for Alfredo Adame either Enrique Guzman but because of his eternal polemic with Gabriela Spanish, On this occasion it was the Venezuelan actress who threw all her hatred at the Primera Mano driverwhile she shared a moment with Cynthia Klitbo in one of the episodes of the television show, Secretos de Villanas.

While the first actresses gave themselves a relaxing massage in thereality broadcast by Canela TV, Gabriela Spanic poisoned the Mexican journalist: “Gustavo Adolfo Infame has slandered me. He has said that I mistreated my twin sister when she had a stroke and was in intensive care, that I abused her verbally, that I had intimate relations with my fans in my house, that I am a liar, that I lack my mental faculties …. , For his part, Cynthia Klitbo was not empathetic at all.

“I adore him. He has been a person and he has been a spectacular person with me”, assured the ex of John Vidal, Immediately, Gabriela Spanish He interrupted her in the middle of the massage and replied: “With you. Not with me. But Cynthia continued in her defense, as she considers Gustavo Adolfo Infante someone who has always supported her.: “Well, everyone talks about how it went. I cannot speak ill of him because the man has removed the caste because he knows perfectly well how the relationship was… they were my friends”.

But the Venezuelan actress earned and reconfirmed that he considers that the attitudes of Gustavo Adolfo Infante and the assertions that he has made to himself have generated professional and personal noise for him.

“… In real life I am famous for my talent, for my work, for my talent. Not because of what the man said and I also do not have the power to put anyone in jail as he also said…”, he expressed. Gabriela Spanic before the cameras of Secretos de Villanas in a very calm but very forceful way as well.

Finally, he added that he has not yet had justice, making it very clear that it is something that he hopes will happen at some point. Let’s remember that Gaby and Gustavo Adolfo have had a long legal battle. It seems that its end has not yet come.

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Gabriela Spanic shoots Gustavo Adolfo Infante with everything and Cynthia Klitbo defends him

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