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Galwan changed China’s perspective – No one can escape by showing us red eyes – Rajnath Singh

Image Source : ANI
Rajnath Singh on Britain tour.

Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is on a 3-day visit to Britain for talks on wide-ranging issues related to defence, security and industrial cooperation. Rajnath Singh has met here with British PM Rishi Sunak, Defense Minister Grant Shapps and Foreign Minister Cameron. Rajnath Singh has also said many things during his visit to Britain. He also gave a statement in a program here regarding the ongoing tension between India and China.

Galvan changed China’s perspective

Talking about the ongoing border tension between India and China, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said in London that China is considered India’s rival, but we do not consider China our rival. Rajnath Singh said that perhaps China believes so but we do not consider anyone as our rival. He said that earlier India was an importer but now it is becoming an exporter.

Galvan changed China’s perspective

Rajnath Singh said that the bravery shown by our security forces in the face-to-face fight between India and China in Galwan in 2020 is perhaps the reason why China’s perspective towards India has changed. They have realized that India is no longer weak. He said that earlier we used to be the largest importer of defense equipment but now we are in the top 25 countries in terms of export of defense items.

Relations between India and China are not good

Rajnath Singh said that a writer of China’s mouthpiece Global Times has also written an article about India. The Chinese government also believes that due to the economic and strategic changes in India, India’s economy has become a strategic power. We do not consider anyone our enemy but the world knows that relations between India and China are not good. We want to improve our relations with everyone.

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