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Gay couples will also be able to have children, scientists invented this method of reproduction

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The trend of gay marriage has increased in many countries of the world. But till now, having a child remains the biggest obstacle for a gay couple i.e. same sex marriage. However, now scientists have claimed to have invented a new method by which gay couples will also be able to have the happiness of having children. It may soon be possible for human skin cells to be able to produce eggs and sperm using a technique called ‘in vitro gametogenesis’ (IVG), according to a report in “The Conversation”. It involves the production of eggs and sperm outside the human body (in vitro).

IVG is a technology that will help doctors create reproductive cells from any cells taken from your body. This can help gay couples have a child. Theoretically, a man’s skin cell can be turned into an egg and a woman’s skin cell can be turned into a sperm. This increases the likelihood of a child genetically having multiple parents or only one. Some scientists believe that human application of IVG is still a long way off. However, scientists working on human stem cells are actively working to overcome these obstacles. Here’s what we know about the human aspect of ‘in vitro gametogenesis’ and why we need to talk about it now.

what is this technology

In vitro gametogenesis begins with ‘pluripotent stem cells’. It is a type of cell that can develop into many different types of cells. The aim is to make these stem cells capable of producing eggs or sperm. This technique may use stem cells taken from early embryos. But scientists have also worked on how to return adult cells to a pluripotent state. This creates the possibility for an egg or sperm to form that is connected to a living human adult.

How will all this be possible?

First, in vitro gametogenesis can streamline IVF (in vitro fertilization). Currently, retrieving eggs requires repeated hormone injections, a minor surgery and the risk of overstimulating the ovaries. These problems can be eliminated with IVG. Second, this technology can eliminate some types of medical infertility. For example, it may be used to produce eggs for women whose ovaries are not functioning or who are going through early menopause. Third, this technology could help gay couples have children who would be genetically related to both parents.

Careful testing, rigorous monitoring and surveillance of any babies born would be required, as has been done for other reproductive technologies, including IVF. We would still need a surrogate mother: If we took skin cells from each male partner and created an embryo, that embryo would need a surrogate to carry it to term. We need to start talking about it now.

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