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General Azhar Abbas emerging as a dark horse for Pakistan Army Chief, know who

Karachi: Pakistan is locked in a deadlock over the all-important appointment of a new army chief. According to the Dawn report, the choice of either party means the government will have to reconsider, especially if it is unable to reconcile with the army on the choice of the institution. Sources say that although there are qualified officers, the matter has become very complicated with some people being in a certain camp. For example, Lieutenant General Asim Munir is believed to be a favorite of PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif, although a senior party member says ‘he may have no love for the Sharifs’.

“There is a perception that a candidate is ‘their man’ or ‘their man’ and this has created an unnecessary controversy,” the source said. Leaning towards, who is said to be an excellent candidate. He is considered a sympathizer of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. According to the Dawn report, the army wants someone for the post who is not politically connected in any way.
Rift in Sharif family over new army chief in Pakistan, Imran Khan’s big attack, know who is ahead in the race
General Mohammad Amir is considered to be of the PPP camp
The report states that General Sahir has worked in all positions that an army officer can hold and is an excellent choice, but the perception, again, is making it all very hazy. There is a perception that as far as labels are concerned, Lt Gen Nauman Mehmood is considered ‘too tough’ and Lt Gen Mohammad Amir is considered to be in the PPP camp. If this situation persists and the two sides cannot settle on one person, there should be a third option before November 29.

Dawn news quoted sources as saying, ‘General Azhar Abbas is now emerging as the third option. Obviously talks very little, nobody on our side really knows him, but he is considered very professional.’ With no label attached to him (yet), there is a growing possibility that General Azhar, the chief of the General Staff, will be chosen simply because others will be dropped. “All of them can actively run the army. The big task is to get the organization out of this quagmire.



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