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Georgia Meloni’s big statement on Islam, said ‘Will not allow Sharia law to be implemented’, accused Saudi Arabia of this

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Italy’s PM Georgia Meloni

Georgia Meloni: Italy’s Prime Minister Georgia Meloni has made serious allegations against Saudi Arabia while giving a big statement on Islam. Meloni said Saudi Arabia is funding Islamic centers in Italy. He said, ‘We will not allow Sharia law to be implemented in Italy.’ Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni gave a big statement saying that ‘a process of promoting Islam is going on in Europe.’ This goes against the values ​​of European cities. Meloni said that Saudi Arabia is providing financial support to Islamic cultural centers in Italy. Regarding Saudi, he said that Sharia law is applicable in that country.

Know what else Georgia Meloni said?

The Italian PM further said, ‘There is a problem of compatibility between a certain interpretation of Islamic culture and the rights and values ​​of our civilization. It is not hidden that Saudi Arabia is funding most of the Islamic cultural centers in Italy. Sharia is implemented in Saudi Arabia and Sharia means stoning for adultery, death penalty for apostasy, even death for homosexuality. I believe that these questions should be asked, which should not be generalised.

Became PM of Italy at the age of 31

According to media reports, while listing his priorities, Meloni called it necessary to control Islamic terrorism. He described Muslim immigrants as a threat to Italy. Georgia Meloni is the first female Prime Minister of Italy. He is a far right leader. Georgia Meloni became Italy’s youngest minister in 2008 at the age of 31. Four years later, i.e. in 2012, he formed the Brothers of Italy Party.

Accusations of being anti-LGBT

Georgia Meloni is accused of being anti-LGBT. However, she denies this and is also working on improving her image. She has said that she does not have time to meet Putin. He also expressed support for NATO. Georgia Meloni may support Ukraine, but both her coalition parties are more inclined towards Russia. Meloni has campaigned against LGBT rights.

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