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Getting defeated in Ukraine, Putin threatens to use weapons of mass destruction, know how atomic bombs can be used

Kyiv: The Russian army is facing a continuous defeat in the war in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has given different indications about the use of atomic bombs in Ukraine. At the same time, it was revealed recently that the commander of the Russian army is in talks about the use of the atomic bomb. This has now fueled speculation that Russia may use strategic nuclear bombs in war. Russian commanders discussed nuclear weapons in Putin’s absence. Experts say the risk of nuclear bombs being used in Ukraine’s war is low, but talks between military commanders and Putin’s threats remain.

The Biden administration of America and other Western countries have been tensed by Russian commanders’ talks about nuclear weapons. Earlier, Putin had also openly said that he would use all possible means to keep the occupied territories of Ukraine. Last week, however, Putin said there was no need to deploy nuclear weapons. US expert James Acton said that it is not impossible that Russia should not use nuclear bombs in the future.
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‘Very low risk of Russia’s use of nuclear bombs’
“I believe that the risk of Russia’s use of an atomic bomb in the near future is very small, but if things turn out to be bad for Russia, I believe it is a possibility,” Acton said. He said that there is a lot of uncertainty. He said that Russia can test an atomic bomb under the ground or above the ground to create pressure. Russia may also test an atomic bomb in the Black Sea.

After this, the US expert said that Russia’s next step could be that it can demonstrate power in the empty areas of Ukraine. After this, the Ukrainian army can take the step of using atomic bombs in the battlefield. He said that I am not claiming that which of these options Russia will use, I know it. Russia can use an even more provocative option.
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Russia has 2000 strategic nuclear bombs
It also includes an attack on the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv or the US, but I think the first use of an atomic bomb is unlikely. The US Defense Ministry, the Pentagon, believes that Russia has 2000 strategic nuclear warheads. These nuclear bombs are of low caliber and are used to target short-range areas. These nuclear bombs have never been used so far, but they can be stuffed into missiles or cannon balls.



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