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Girls, drugs, alcohol… the biggest den of debauchery going to reopen in Dubai, a day ticket of 4 lakh rupees

Abu Dhabi : Dubai’s ‘infamous’ Sex Island resort is reopening but this time its ticket prices are extremely high. A large number of people from all over the world like to visit this Dubai resort for around 100 girls and adult activities. Visitors will have to spend 5 thousand dollars per day to come to this ‘disgraced’ resort. Under this package, visitors can have sex with two girls in a day and participate in activities like naked sky diving, yacht party.

The organizers promise that visitors to the island will also be allowed to consume alcohol and drugs. The United Arab Emirates has strict alcohol laws and a zero-tolerance policy on drugs, reported The Sun. In an event that runs from October 7 to 10, each ticket holder will be able to have sex with two girls. Rich guests arriving at this debauchery base are taken to the island by helicopter from Dubai International Airport.

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What are the benefits of expensive tickets?
Food, drink, Wi-Fi, air-conditioned rooms are included in the expensive ticket of the resort. Not only this, HIV and STD testing is also included in the ticket. It is written on the website of the event that every woman who comes here has been tested and she is free from all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases. People will also get the facility of ‘Five Star Meal’ at the event which is prepared by professional chefs. Talking about other facilities available on Sex Island, it also includes volleyball courts, two swimming pools and concert hall.

people come from all over the world
People from all over the world participate in the Sex Island event. New York Thomas says, ‘Amazing journey, unforgettable memories. I will definitely come back next year. Kanner, from Texas, said he was here for his bachelor party and praised “five star service and five star girls.” London’s Jamal says Sex Island will ‘definitely go down as one of the most memorable experiences of my life’.



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