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Go and love… Colleges will be closed for a week in China, love holidays

Beijing : With its declining birth rate, China is heading towards a demographic crisis. The government’s political advisors have given several suggestions to deal with it. Many colleges in China have also come up with a unique plan to remove this concern of the country. Nine colleges across the country want their students to step up and fall in love during a weeklong holiday in April to stem China’s falling birth rate. Schools run by the Fan Mei Education Group announced on March 23 that they were going on vacation from April 1 to April 7. During this the students have been assigned the task of having fun.

The aim of this 7 day holiday is to encourage the students to ‘love nature, love life and learn to enjoy love’. “I hope students will go to see the green mountains and water and feel spring,” Liang Guohui, deputy dean of Miayang Flying Vocational College, said in a statement. This will not only broaden the experience of the students and develop their senses, but also deepen the things taught in the class.

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holidays this year just for love

Homework has also been given to the students during the holidays. Like writing a diary, keeping track of your inner growth, and making travel videos. ‘Get out of the campus, get in touch with nature and feel the beauty of spring from your heart,’ the statement said. Schools have been giving students and teachers a week’s spring break since 2019. But this year’s theme is ‘enjoy the blossoms, go fall in love’ with a lot of emphasis on romance.

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China is encouraging marriage

This announcement has been made in China when efforts are being made to control the rapidly falling birth rate and marriage rates in the country. From local companies to administration, people are being encouraged to get married in new ways like giving 30 days leave on marriage. China is facing a looming demographic crisis. Analysts have warned that this could hamper economic growth and increase pressure on the public exchequer. China’s population is set to decline in 2022 for the first time in more than six decades.

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