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Good news for Indians, now visa will not be required to go to Iran

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Now there will be no need of visa to go to this Muslim country

Iran News: There is good news for Indians going to Iran. Now Indian travelers will not need a visa to go to Iran. One can travel to Iran without visa. Iran on Thursday said it is removing visa requirements for 33 countries, including India and Saudi Arabia. In this way, now Indian citizens will not require visa to travel to Iran.

Visa requirement removed for these countries including India

According to media reports, the Iranian Ministry of Tourism believed that an open door policy would demonstrate Iran’s determination to connect with various countries in the world. ISNA also said that with this decision the number of countries whose citizens can travel to Iran without obtaining a visa will increase to 45. According to the news agency, Iran’s visa requirement has been removed for a total of 33 countries, including Lebanon, Tunisia, India, Saudi Arabia and several Central Asian, African and Muslim countries.

This European country is also included in Iran’s visa-free permit

The list includes only one Western-allied European nation, Croatia, which is a minor member of the EU and NATO. Iran’s decision comes amid years of tension between the two oil-producing Gulf countries. This is also being seen as another step towards softening the relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The news agency further reported that the decision to remove visa requirements also included citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar in addition to Bahrain, with whom Tehran has not yet established full relations. Russians will benefit from this visa exemption only if they visit the country in groups, the news agency said. Prior to this announcement Omani citizens were able to travel visa-free to Iran.

This year China established friendship between Arab and Iran

Relations between Iran and India have been traditional. In such a situation, allowing Indians to travel to Iran without visa is a matter of joy for Indians. But the surprising thing is that Iran, the world’s largest Shia country, has provided the facility of visa-free travel to Iran for the people of the largest Sunni country Saudi Arabia. This is noteworthy. Because the history of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia has not been very good. However, this year Iran and Saudi Arabia came together. China did the work of making both of them friends. This was the reason why Iran and Saudi Arabia were befriended in China. Amid the war between Israel and Hamas, the stability in relations between the two countries is noteworthy.

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