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Good news from UK on Diwali, big names in the list of Prime Minister’s fans for Rishi Sunak

London: Rishi Sunak of Indian origin is soon to become the Prime Minister of Britain. It is believed that this good nude can come on Diwali. Many big names are included in the list of those who want Sunak as the Prime Minister. It also includes Priti Patel, considered a supporter of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Patel backed Sunak after Johnson withdrew from the race for the prime minister’s post. After Liz Truss resigned from the post of PM, the discussion had intensified that Rishi Sunak could be the next Prime Minister of Britain. After Truss’s resignation, Boris Johnson’s name was also ahead in this race but he has withdrawn his name. Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday night withdrew himself from the race for the post of Prime Minister, saying it was not the right time to return (to the post of prime minister). This does not rule out the possibility of a Diwali victory for Sunak (42).

Former Home Minister Priti Patel also included in the list of support for Sunak
Several prominent Conservative MPs have backed Sunak, including former Home Minister Priti Patel, cabinet ministers James Cleverly and Nadeem Jahavi, leaving Johnson’s camp. Patel, a former home minister of Indian origin, resigned from the cabinet last month after Liz Truss was elected the country’s new prime minister. Patel said party members should set aside political differences to give Sunak the best chance of succeeding as the new leader. Patel has supported Sunak when more than half of the party’s MPs have publicly supported him. With this, the country seems to be getting the first non-white prime minister.

Only Rishi Sunak has the support of 150 MPs, may be announced today as the new Prime Minister of Britain
Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordent have a fight
Penny Mordant, the leader of the House of Commons, the only competitor in the race for prime minister’s post, is far from exceeding the target of 100 MPs. Before this, there is a possibility of declaring the Finance Minister as the new leader on Monday evening. If, both Sunak and Mordant make it to the final list, they will move on to an online voting of 170,000 Conservative members and the results will be out on Friday.

What if Sunak lives?
If, Sunak wins, it will be a major political upheaval as he lost to Liz Truss in the party leadership election last month. Sunak’s popularity among his peers was not reflected in the voting of party members. Truss announced his resignation as prime minister on Thursday after just 45 days after an open rebellion against his leadership in the party.

Rishi Sunak is almost certain to become the new Prime Minister in Britain, Boris Johnson withdraws from the PM’s candidature
‘Seeking an opportunity to deal with problems’
In the latest campaign, Sunak said, ‘I am asking for an opportunity from you to tackle the problems.’ Sunak said he may not be successful in complying with the budget announced by the truss last week with “disastrous” tax cuts, referring to an inherited economic crisis. He said, ‘Britain is a great country but going through a huge economic crisis and so I am in the fray to be the leader of the party and your next prime minister. promised.’ He said that he would work day and night to solve the problems.



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