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Governments were changing in Pakistan, then Nehru was building IIT, Shahbaz’s former minister said – we have no comparison with India

Islamabad : After independence, India and Pakistan started their journey together. Bangladesh came into existence after many years in 1971 but today in 2022 these countries are seen standing far ahead of Pakistan. Pakistanis themselves also accept this. Former Pakistan Finance Minister Miftah Ismail on Friday openly acknowledged the shortcomings of his country and explained the reasons behind it. He said that the average age of a Bangladeshi citizen is five years more than that of a Pakistani citizen and there is a difference of three years in the education of both. Miftah was the first finance minister of the current Shahbaz government who was sacked a few days later.

Miftah said that today India has foreign exchange reserves of more than $ 600 billion while Pakistan does not have even $10 billion. He said that today India is respected all over the world. Till 1990 we were ahead of India. But today India is exporting only $150 billion in IT. Today, 50 percent of Pakistan’s children are deprived of education that should have gone to school. For this we must ask ourselves questions.

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‘Islam is in danger if someone says something’
Miftah considers population as the main reason behind Bangladesh being ahead of Pakistan. He said that when Bangladesh was East Pakistan, the population there was more than that of West Pakistan. But today the population of Bangladesh is 150 million and the population of Pakistan is 230 million. But here no one talks about population, if someone says something then Islam is in danger. The former finance minister said that we have to reduce the role of the army in politics.

‘Political crisis here and IIT construction in India’
According to BBC news, Miftah further said, ‘You are afraid of clerics, use them for votes.’ He said that no one has done anything on population issue whether it is army or political rule. After all, who will solve the issue of population? Miftah said that in our country only one percent of the people get education. Here the driver’s son becomes the only driver. CEOs of all companies like Google, Twitter, Microsoft are from India. At the time when governments were changing here, Nehru was building IITs in India.

Advice given on India and Kashmir
Pakistan is currently facing the effects of devastating floods. The prices of food items have reached the sky. Meanwhile, there is a demand to restore trade relations with India. Miftah Ismail said that we should get tomatoes and onions from India. But we should not think that if we do not do business with them then they should give Kashmir to us. There is no comparison between India and us. They spend eight times more than us on the army. Today India is being respected all over the world.



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