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Hamas’s ‘Laden’ Ismail Haniya asked for help from Pakistan, said ‘threat Israel with nuclear war’

Image Source: AP
Hamas’s ‘Laden’ Ismail Haniya

Hamas on Pakistan: The war between Israel and Hamas continues in the Gaza Strip. However, Hamas is no longer able to save even its bases and Israel, in panic, has destroyed many of Hamas’s tunnels and other bases by continuously attacking Gaza. However, more than 20 thousand people have died in this war. Meanwhile, even though Israel has broken the back of Hamas, Hamas’s ‘arrogance’ has not gone yet. Ismail Haniya, known as ‘Laden’ of Hamas, has appealed to Pakistan that since it is a nuclear country, Pakistan should threaten Israel with a nuclear attack.

Israel’s continuous attacks have once again turned Gaza’s cities into ruins. More than 20 thousand people have lost their lives so far. More than 50 thousand people are seriously injured. This fight has been going on for more than two months. On October 7, Hamas attacked Israel from three sides and wreaked havoc. Since then, Israel has been a continuous attacker in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas’s ‘Laden’ played the Muslim card

Meanwhile, Ismail Haniya, known as ‘Osama bin Laden’ of Hamas, has appealed to Pakistan to threaten Israel with nuclear war. Top Hamas leader Ismail Haniya also addressed a conference of Hamas leaders and Islamic scholars held in Pakistan. He said that Pakistan is a nuclear armed country. If he threatens Israel with nuclear war then this war can be stopped. He should come forward in support of Muslim countries.

Pakistan is expert in boasting

It is noteworthy that Pakistan has been calling its atomic bomb as ‘Islamic atom bomb’. Not only this, it has been boasting that its nuclear bomb is for the protection of Muslim countries. By playing this card of religion, Pakistan has looted crores of dollars from Saudi Arabia to UAE with both hands. But his lie has been exposed because of Hamas. Hamas is continuously asking for help from Pakistan against Israel.

Who is Hamas’s Laden Ismail Haniya?

Ismail Haniya is the chairman of Hamas. He took over this job from 2017 as the successor of Khalid Meshaal. These days he lives in Doha, the capital of Qatar and oversees all the work of Hamas from there. Because Egypt has banned him from coming to Gaza Strip. Hamas has many units, which handle political, military or social work.

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