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Harley Davidson, the former Imam of Mecca Masjid, was seen in a funky look.

Mecca Mosque Former Imam: Sheikh Adel Al Kalbani, the former Shahi Imam of Mecca Mosque, is in a lot of discussion these days. A video of him is going viral in which he is seen sitting on a Harley Davidson bike in dress jeans and T-shirt, which is considered a symbol of western civilization. Seeing this new incarnation of him, there has been an uproar in the Arab countries. After the video surfaced, the trend related to Maulana is being seen on Twitter of the entire Arab world. Many people are supporting him, while many people are criticizing him for this dress and riding a bike.

It is being said that this video has been made by one of his fans. In this video Maulana is riding Harley Davidson. The Maulana sitting on the Harley is wearing a T-shirt and a half-jacket is also put on it. There are many symbols of America’s flag on this jacket. In this video, this Maulana looks very happy. Along with this, in this video a person standing near him asked him to make a sign of Victory, then Maulan has also made a sign of V with two fingers by extending his hand.

many people are supporting

Seeing this incarnation of Maulana, people are supporting him and he is also opposed. Supporting him on Twitter, a user said that Sheikh has not done anything that is forbidden. They are free to do whatever they want. This thinking has inculcated in people that Imams wear certain types of clothes. If they wear something else they cannot accept it. this is wrong. The Nirma should be left to the creator of the world and attention should be paid to the things in one’s house.

Many people gave such reactions

Many people have also opposed the Imam for not wearing the traditional dress. Many users came forward to reply to the supporters who said that it is not forbidden to ride a bike but this modern clothing is not right from anywhere and criticized. Another user wrote that Maulana’s dress is far from decency and courtesy.

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