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Harsh Goenka shares Elon Musk’s video, tells the secret of success

New Delhi. Harsh Goenka, business tycoon and chairman of Rama Prasad Group, is one of the industrialists in India who are very active on the social media platform Twitter. There is some interesting thing on each of his posts, which wins the hearts of the netizens. Recently, Harsh Goenka has shared a tweet related to Tesla and SpaceX owner Elon Musk. He shared a clip of Elon Musk’s old interview and wrote the caption – ‘Why Elon Musk is successful…’

In the 15-second clip shared by business tycoon Harsh Goenka, interviewer Elon Musk asks, “You got your third consecutive failure, do you think you should quit now? ,

In the video, the Tesla CEO says, ‘Never, I never give up. I mean, I have to die or be completely incapacitated to give up.’

Harsh Goenka says that Elon Musk’s answer is one of the best inspirations for those individuals who lose their hope after working hard in life.

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