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Hate against India again seen in Canada, Hindi films stopped from being played in theaters

Image Source: AP
Canadian Theatre.

The extent of hatred against India in Canada can be gauged from the fact that Hindi films were stopped from being shown in theatres. In Canada, a case of dangerous spraying by some masked persons and spreading panic among the people has come to light in theaters showing Hindi films in three different areas of Greater Toronto. It is being told that after some substance was sprayed by unknown people, the spectators were evacuated and some people who came in contact with it were treated.

This incident happened at the beginning of this week. Local police and media gave this information. Canada’s York Regional Police said in a statement on Wednesday that a similar incident took place at a cinema complex in Vaughan on Tuesday at around 9.20 pm. Police said two men wearing masks and hoods sprayed an unknown, aerosol-based substance into the air at a cinema theatre, causing coughing reactions among people watching the film.

Spray sprayed on more than 200 people

According to the police, there were around 200 people inside the cinema hall at the time of the incident. During this time a Hindi film was being shown in the cinema hall. Police said several people were treated for exposure to the substance and the theater had to be evacuated. No person has suffered any serious injury due to this incident. However, the suspects fled before police arrived at the scene, investigators said. No person has been arrested so far in connection with this incident. (Language)

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