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Hearing begins again in corruption case against Netanyahu amid Israel-Hamas war

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s troubles are going to increase amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. After a gap of two months due to the war, an Israeli district court will resume the hearing of the corruption case of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from today i.e. Tuesday. Israel is carrying out massive attacks on the Gaza Strip after Hamas started attacks on October 7.

What is the allegation against Benjamin Netanyahu?

Netanyahu is accused of taking regulatory steps beneficial to Bezeq Telecommunications in exchange for favorable media coverage on Bezeq-owned website ‘Valla’. The ‘Valla’ website was previously owned by Bezeq. The Jerusalem District Court will resume hearings on 74-year-old Netanyahu’s corruption case on Tuesday. In June, three judges in the case recommended that the prosecution withdraw bribery charges, but the prosecution refused to withdraw the charges and decided to continue the trial, after which the court heard testimony from the people concerned.

The court gave this exemption to Netanyahu?

The last hearing of the bribery case was held on September 20, after which the court adjourned the case to after the holidays, but due to Hamas attack on Israel on October 7 and the war that started again, the hearing of the case remained postponed. After this, the courts were hearing only urgent cases and Netanyahu’s case was not considered urgent. Last week, Justice Yariv Levin gave permission for courts to resume normal operations. Netanyahu has been exempted from appearing in court, but he may have to appear in court to testify in a few months. Cases are also registered against the Prime Minister on charges of fraud and betrayal.

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