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Helicopter crashes in New Jersey forest after Japan coast, no trace found yet

Image Source: AP
Helicopter crashes in New Jersey forest

America News: There have been many cases of helicopter crashes in America in recent times. Earlier, an American helicopter had crashed on the Japanese coast. After this, another helicopter crashed in the Pinelands forests of New Jersey. How this accident happened is not yet known. The search for evidence related to the accident continues. Officials are continuously engaged in this work. This helicopter belonged to a news channel, in which the pilot and photographer were killed. The cause of the accident is still unknown.

Was returning after finishing work, met with an accident

​Officials said WPVI-TV’s ‘Helicopter 6’ in Philadelphia was returning from a job off the coast of Jersey. It crashed Tuesday night in a part of the Wharton State Forest in Washington Township in Burlington County. The TV channel told that this accident happened at around 8 pm.

New Jersey State Park Police said they were notified of a missing helicopter at around 11 p.m. The channel identified the pilot as 67-year-old Monroe Smith of Pennsylvania while the photographer was identified as 45-year-old Christopher Dougherty of Pennsylvania.

Army helicopter also crashed on Japan coast

Earlier, the US Army’s Osprey helicopter had crashed into the sea in southern Japan. The officers provided this information. He said that Japan’s coast guard is reaching the spot for relief and rescue operations. Coast Guard spokesman Kazuo Ogawa said there was no information available on the condition of the helicopter and its occupants. The coast guard received an emergency call from a fishing boat near the accident site near Yakushima. It was heading from Iwakuni to Okinawa.

Recently an American military intelligence plane crashed

Earlier recently, an American military intelligence plane had fallen into the sea and crashed. This plane was supposed to land on the runway, but it went beyond the runway and fell into the sea. There were many passengers on this plane. Know what happened to these passengers next? The accident occurred Monday afternoon at a US Marine base 10 miles west of Honolulu. It was a P-8A aircraft of the US Navy, which missed landing and fell into the sea.

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