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Horrific road accident in Honduras, bus fell into a pit, 12 people died, many injured

Image Source: Reuters
Horrific road accident in Honduras

Bus Accident: A tragic accident has occurred in the Central American country Honduras. 12 people have died due to a bus accident in Honduras. The President has declared national mourning on this horrific accident. A bus in Honduras slid off a highway and into a ditch on Tuesday, killing 10 people and injuring nearly two dozen others, officials said.

The bus, carrying about 60 people, crashed after hitting a bridge before plunging into a stream below the crater, about 41 kilometers (25 miles) from Tegucigalpa, according to police officials. There have been 10 deaths officially confirmed by Honduras’ forensic services, fire brigade Lieutenant Cristian Sevilla told Reuters on Tuesday evening. Earlier the death toll of 12 people was given.

A spokesman for Honduras’s National Directorate of Roads and Transportation and a spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office both confirmed Tuesday evening that 10 people had died in the accident. Officials said the seriously injured were taken to hospital by ambulance and helicopter. President Xiomara Castro declared three days of national mourning in a post on social media. Castro wrote- This is a tragedy, the government will bear the expenses of the funeral of the victims.

There were 60 people in the bus

According to police officials, the bus met with the accident about 41 kilometers from Tegucigalpa. There were about 60 people in the bus. Fire Department Lieutenant Cristian Sevilla said that so far 12 people have died in the accident, including 10 who died at the scene and two in a hospital in Tegucigalpa.

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