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Houthi rebels from Yemen launched missile attack on tanker going to Israel, gave big warning

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Houthi rebels from Yemen launched missile attack on tanker bound for Israel

Houthi Rebels: Yemen’s Houthi rebels have launched a powerful missile attack on a commercial tanker heading towards Israel. Cruise missile was used for this. Houthi rebels have also given a big warning. It has been said that they will attack every ship going towards Israel until Israel stops attacking Hamas. According to the latest developments, Yemen-based Houthi rebels attacked a commercial tanker heading towards Israel with a cruise missile. Due to this it caught fire. However, no one was injured due to this fire. Yet two US officials involved in the case say the attack occurred on the tanker STRIMDA about 60 nautical miles (111 km) from the Bab-el Mandab Strait.

The fire of Gaza war spreading in the Middle East

Officials say that the US Navy’s destroyer ship USS Mason was present here during the attack. This American ship intervened. Ever since the war between Israel and Hamas started on October 7, Houthi rebels have also been active and are leaving no opportunity to harass Israel by carrying out attacks. These Houthi rebels are attacking shipping lanes and firing rockets at Israel. For this reason it can be said that this war between Israel and Hamas is spreading in the Middle East.

Will target all ships going to Israel: Houthi

On Saturday the Houthis said they would target all ships sailing toward Israel, regardless of nationality. However, it is not yet clear whether STRIMDA had any connection with ISIL or not. Let us tell you that Houthi rebels are in control of more than half the areas of Yemen. This organization said that until Israel stops attacks on Gaza, they will continue targeting Israeli ships.

Continuous attacks on commercial ships

In the very first week of December, three commercial ships have been attacked in international waters. During this time a US Navy destroyer had to intervene. However, America and Britain have condemned this attack. He also blamed Iran, which supports Houthi, for this attack.

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