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Houthi rebels hijacked a ship coming from Turkey to India, know the reason

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Houthi rebels hijacked a ship coming from Türkiye to India

Israel-Hamas war: Israel’s government said on Sunday that Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen hijacked a cargo ship in the Red Sea, putting a major global shipping route at risk. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office condemned the act in the strongest terms, without naming anyone. The statement given by the PM said that it was a ship owned by a British company and operated by a Japanese firm. It said none of the ship’s 25 crew members were Israeli.

Let us tell you that Yemen’s Houthi rebels have threatened to attack Israel since the war against the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas began in early October and have launched unsuccessful missile attacks which are believed to have targeted Israel. created. Sunday’s incident marks the first major increase in the threat posed by the Houthis against global maritime shipping since the latest conflict began.

Houthi rebels said this

Hours earlier, Houthi rebels in Yemen said they would target ships carrying the Israeli flag as well as ships operated by or belonging to Israeli companies. A Houthi spokesman posted on Twitter calling on other countries to take back citizens working on Israeli ships. The rebel group is based in Yemen, which allows it to carry out attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea. In January 2022, the Houthis hijacked a UAE-flagged cargo ship carrying supplies for a Saudi Arabian hospital.

Netanyahu held Tehran responsible

The Houthis are believed to be receiving training, technical expertise and increasingly sophisticated weapons – including drones, ballistic and cruise missiles – from Iran. Netanyahu’s office blamed the Tehran government for Sunday’s attack, which it said was endangering global shipping lanes. Iran has not commented on this incident. The Israeli government said the ship’s crew members included people from Ukraine, Bulgaria, the Philippines and Mexico. Israel’s military said the ship was heading from Turkey to India at the time of the attack.

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