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Houthi rebels launch drone attack, target two American destroyers – India TV Hindi

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Houthi rebels attacked.

Houthi Rebels Drone Attack: Beyond the war between Israel and Hamas, Red Sea Yemen and Iran-backed Houthi rebels are continuously targeting the ships of America and their supporters in the Red Sea. Sometimes they target merchant ships, and sometimes they even attack American warships. Once again, Houthi rebels have attacked American war destroyers in the Red Sea.

Reuters reports that Houthi rebels launched an operation and targeted two US warship destroyers in the Red Sea. The group’s military spokesman, Yahya Sariya, acknowledged the attack in a televised appearance. According to the information, Houthi rebels say that they attacked two American warships in the Red Sea with missiles and drones. However, till now no statement has come from America regarding this.

America and Britain are also targeting Houthi positions

Before this, America and Britain have jointly targeted the positions of Houthi rebels several times. A few days ago, America and Britain attacked 18 positions of Houthi rebels in Yemen. The strikes were carried out in response to recent increasing attacks on ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden by local Iran-backed militias.

Cargo ship caught fire due to attack by Houthis

Houthi rebels had earlier launched a missile attack, which caused a fire on a cargo ship. After this, US and British fighter planes attacked eight places targeting missiles, launchers, rockets, drones and air defense systems. US and British forces have launched joint operations against Houthi rebels several times since January 12.

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