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How did China make illegal police posts around the world, know what is their work?

Investigative Journalism Reportica, citing local media, said that such informal police service stations affiliated with the Public Security Bureau (PSB) across Canada are opposed to China’s  are set up to monitor. At the same time, through these checkpoints, China is also keeping an eye on the intelligence of those countries.

actions through police stations
According to the Investigative Journalism Reportica, the Chinese government is also influencing elections in some countries through these illegal police stations. In this regard, the police say that it has already opened 30 such police stations in 21 countries.

Human rights activists have leveled allegations
Human rights activists have accused China’s ruling Communist Party of causing widespread abuse across the country in the name of security, including imprisoning people in detention camps , forced separation of families and forced sterilization. From time to time such news also comes from China. 

China’s expansionist policy
It is worth noting that China is the only country in the world that illegally occupies the land of its neighboring countries, due to which China remains in disputes. Actually, China meets 14 countries, Dragon has border disputes with 22 countries along with these countries. Under China’s expansionist policy, it has tight relations with most of the countries. India is also no exception to this. China has several thousand kilometers of land occupied in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. 

China’s intention
It is worth noting that China has occupied 41.13 lakh square kilometers of land in six countries. In this, 43 thousand kilometers of India’s land also comes. In 1949, China occupied Tibet, Inner Mongolia and East Turkestan. In 1997, Dragon took over Hong Kong and Macau in 1999. By following this policy, China wants to capture more and more countries of the world by threatening them. China is doing all this because it wants to overtake America and become the world’s superpower.  




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