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How social media became Ukraine’s real weapon against Russia, know how weakness is being caught?

Courage is fire and threat is smoke. Ukraine is proving this by following the words of author Benjamin Disraeli. This country, spread over 603,628 square kilometers of Eastern Europe, has waged a fierce war against Russia, not only on the battlefield but also on the Internet arena.

This social media team of the Russian Defense Ministry is stationed 24 hours a day to beat Russia in the Internet arena. This team is so ready that within an hour, it responds immediately to any incident that happened in the country. For this, the team also uses videos ranging from memes to music.

social media big weapon

In February this year, Russia declared war by attacking Ukraine. Its been almost 8 months. With this, this war hangs in the balance. Ukraine’s counter-attacks are continuing and this country, which is weakening in the initial phase, seems to be weighing heavily on powerful Russia on many fronts. The result of this is that the Russian army is putting pressure on Ukraine on other fronts.

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Despite this, it is a very one-sided affair on the Internet. Ukraine is beating Russia on this front. If it is said that if this war was not on the ground but on social media, then Ukraine would definitely be the winner. The social media team of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is so strong that it is not leaving a single opportunity to beat Russia here.

To put it in the words of Olena, who manages the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s social media volunteer team, “this is a meme nation.” Along with fighting against Russia on social media, she is also a businessman from Kiev. In this way many patriotic citizens of Ukraine are standing to defeat Russia in this meme war.

“If it was a war of memes, we would have won,” says Olena. Olenna is not her real name. Ukraine’s Defense Ministry has asked him to remain anonymous due to the sensitive work of him and his team. Their teams work 24 hours a day. Responds to news from across the country within hours, often creating impactful music videos for ministry audiences at home and abroad.

Keeping an eye on the President’s messages

The way Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky gives speeches in foreign parliaments keeping in mind the country’s history, culture and sensitivity. It is the job of Olena’s international team to effectively convey the real message of those speeches not only in the country but also abroad. This team’s style of thanking Britain for its military help was unique.

For this, the team posted a video in June regarding this help. It featured action montages of UK-supplied anti-tank weapons with glimpses of Shakespeare, David Bowie, Lewis Hamilton, with music by Gustav Holst and The Clash. Along with the post of this video on Twitter, it was written – Friends will always be friends, when you need love they take care and attention of you.

Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to supply Caesar self-propelled guns was also thanked by this team in a big way. The video was posted with the title “Romantic gestures take many forms. It featured red roses, chocolates, cannons being fired from the ground in the Paris sky along the sky line of Paris. It featured a Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin film.” Music is given by “Je T’aime Moi Non Plus”. Macron-Zelensky was a very accurate portrayal of bromance.

Olenna says her favorite “thank you” video is of Sweden’s significant investment in her country. It is shown praising Sweden that Ukraine is grateful to Sweden for Sweden’s $ 20,000 Carl Gustav Rocket, which dusted the $ 4.5 million Russian T-90 tanks.

Growing Followers of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry

Thanks to the team’s efforts, the Twitter feed of the Ukraine Ministry of Defense now has 1.5 million followers worldwide. Some videos have been viewed more than a million times. The team released a video in August after several mysterious attacks on Russian targets in Russian-occupied Crimea. This is the most successful video of this team, which has been viewed 2.2 million times.

The video mocks Russians for going on vacation on the Crimean peninsula with the Cruel Summer song from Banarama. The main objective of this social media team is to speak to an international audience and show that Ukraine is indeed capable of winning.

“Because nobody wants to invest in losers,” says Olena. But Olena’s team works more subversively, designed to expose Russian losses and demoralize the Ukrainian invaders.

Russia is the target

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s social media team posts videos showing the failure of the Russian military on social media platforms to encourage its people and military. This team does not have a shortage of such content, but they have learned through trial and error what kind of posts work and what do not in impacting people on social media platforms.

“We started showing the corpses of Russians who were killed and then we realized it didn’t really work. Posts like this only united them against us,” says Olena. After this, this team tried to awaken the conscience of Russian soldiers by showing pictures of slain Ukrainian civilians, but to no avail.

Olenna said, “We realized that the Russians were really proud of it, they weren’t condemning it at all, then we realized we had to do it more judiciously.” Now a social media volunteer of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry has come up with a new way to beat Russia. Now he investigates Russian social media platforms. Finding the vulnerabilities in particular parts of this country, just wait to press the button.

Olena says, “If you try this method in the Russian city of Saratov, you first need to know what is happening in Saratov. Similarly, if you do it in Nizhny Novgorod, you need to know that Nizhny Novgorod What’s happening in me.”

Effective work on the virtual front

The impact of this work is difficult to quantify, but the recent partial mobilization of Vladimir Putin has provided these volunteers with plenty of spice to work with.“We were waiting for the Russian mobilization, we knew it would be very demoralizing for them,” says Olena.The best and only way to get this kind of content is through the messaging service Telegram.

Volunteers who provide such material for Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense are only a small part of a vibrant, fiercely patriotic community. who sometimes react with amazing speed to events on the ground.Telegram channels attract a large number of followers. A similar channel Ukrainian offensive Ukrainian Offensive) It has 96,485 followers. Its slogan is – Fighting on the civilian – meme front of information war since 2014.

In a way, it is a treasure trove of military updates. It focuses solely on trolling Moscow as well as Western media coverage. Like most other channels, it does not mind showing footage of the sufferings of Russian soldiers who are killed or being killed. The recent explosions on the Kerch Bridge, which connects Russia to occupied Crimea, have stirred up the social media team of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

The tide of jokes and memes of this incident erupted on the social media platform. Ukraine’s Internet Army celebrated it wildly.

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