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HQ-22 Missile: China secretly sent HQ-22 missile defense system to Russia’s friend Serbia, know how dangerous this weapon is

Belgrade: China supplied advanced anti-aircraft system HQ-22 to Russia’s ally Serbia later this week. China did this deal very secretly. It is believed that China has supplied these weapons to Western countries including America, seeing them busy in Ukraine war. Some time ago, Western countries had expressed concern over the arms being given to Serbia. He claimed that supplying weapons to a country like Serbia in the midst of the Ukraine war could threaten the peace and security of the region.

According to media reports, six Y-20 cargo planes of the Chinese Air Force landed at the Belgrade airport in the early hours of Saturday, which allegedly supplied the HQ-22 surface-to-air missile system for the Serbian army. Images of Chinese cargo planes carrying military equipment have landed at Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla airport.

Warzone Online magazine termed the presence in Europe of China’s Y-20 cargo planes as a new development. The Serbian Defense Ministry did not respond to a query in this regard. Relations between China and Serbia go back a long way. China has helped Serbia since the time of the civil war, while relations with the US are strained.

How dangerous is China’s HQ-22?
China’s HQ-9 is a medium and long range surface to air missile defense system. The HQ-22 is an upgrade of China’s old HQ-2 missile. HQ-22 is manufactured by Jiangnan Space Industry of China. This company also known as Base 061 is a part of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited. China first publicly demonstrated this missile system as an improved version of the FK-3 at the 2016 Zhuhai Airshow.

The AQ-22 has a range of 170 kms.
The HQ-22 missile system has a range of 170 km. The weight of this missile is 300 kg and the length is seven meters. One of its missiles can attack with a warhead of up to 180 kg. Solid fuel rocket motor is used in HQ-22. Semi-active radar homing and radio command guidelines are used to show the direction of this missile.


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