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Human Immortality: Human can be immortal… what did this sea creature show that scientists have made such a big claim

Washington:Immortality has been a controversial topic from the very beginning. Many such great men are mentioned in ancient religious texts, who had attained immortality. But, this is not possible at all in today’s time. Today neither the air nor the water is pure. There are a large number of people on earth who do not even have the bread for two times. In the midst of all this, scientists have claimed that they have succeeded in such a research, on the basis of which humans can be made immortal in the future. If everything goes right, then the aging of humans can be stopped, that is, they will always remain young, that is, they will not have to face old age. It is being considered as a big step towards the mystery of immortal life.

The ability to prevent aging in a species of jellyfish
This research is being carried out by a team from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Oviedo University in Spain. This team is studying one of the immortal creatures on Earth. The name of this creature is a jellyfish, which is known as Turritopsis dohrnii. It has the ability to revert from adult life to the larval stage. However, jellyfish can die out due to disease or ingestion of other organisms.

Jellyfish can live as long as they want
The study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, is called Comparative Genomics of Mortal and Immortal Cnidarians Unveils Novel Keys Behind Rejuvenation. The team from María Pascual, Victor Quesada and Oviedo University performed genome sequencing of Turritopsis doubleni. It is the only known species of jellyfish that is, in a way, immortal. This organism has the ability to reverse aging and actually live as long as it wants.

Similarity of Jellyfish’s DNN to Humans
Researchers report that Turritopsis dohrnii is the only metazoan that can regrow itself. Meaning this creature can rejuvenate itself again and again. This ability points to the biological immortality of this organism and challenges our understanding of aging. He said that we have explored replication, DNA repair, telomere maintenance, redox environment, stem cell population and intercellular communication. They have even managed to find parts of DNA similar to those of humans. So decades later, Ikna could be used to reverse aging in humans, or help cure many diseases that we currently cannot.



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