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Hunter become your own victim! Russian missile took a U-turn in the air, targeted its own soldiers instead of the enemy

Kyiv : The Russian army, which has retreated from the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, is now wreaking havoc in the Donbass. But Putin’s soldiers have also suffered heavy losses in the four-month war. In a video that surfaced recently, the Russian army was seen being a target of its own air defense system. A Russian air defense missile after launch in Luhansk swung 180 degrees in the air and ‘nearly’ collided back in the same spot from where it was launched.

The video was filmed early Friday morning near the city of Alchevsk, which is located some 55 miles south of Severodonetsk and is currently the epicenter of the war. According to reports, the air defense missile system, possibly the S300, was being used by Russian-backed Ukrainian separatists in Luhansk. The reason for this error is not clear at this time. Some are speculating that the hacking of Ukrainian drones resulted in this, although this is unlikely.

Missile fuel exploded
It can be seen in the video that the missile’s collision caused a loud explosion and sparks spread all around, which is believed to be caused by the explosion of its fuel. Local media reports reported a fire broke out at a site not far from residential buildings. There is no information about the casualties of Russian soldiers and separatists in the accident. One such incident happened in Saudi Arabia in 2018.
Ukrainian army scared of the immeasurable power of Russia! The capital of Luhansk was evacuated to avoid the siege
When American missile twisted in the air
The US Patriot air defense missile was fired to thwart a ballistic missile of Yemen’s Houthi rebels, but due to a malfunction, it turned back and hit a residential area in north-eastern Riyadh. In four months of fighting, Ukraine has won on many fronts. Its drones play a big role in this, especially Turkey’s Bayraktar TB2 drone. Recently, these same drones stopped a large convoy of Russian tanks from moving forward.


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