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I trust my friend Modi… President of France congratulated India on becoming the President of G20

Paris: French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday tweeted a picture of himself with Prime Minister Narendra Modi after India assumed the G20 presidency and expressed confidence that the Indian prime minister would bring the two countries together to build a peaceful and sustainable world. Macron wrote in a tweet, “One Earth. a family. a future India has taken over the chairmanship of G20 India. I trust my friend Narendra Modi to bring us together to build a world of peace and a more sustainable world.

India formally assumed the chairmanship of the G20 on Thursday. Earlier, French Ambassador Emmanuel Lenain had said that France was happy to see India in the driver’s seat and offered full support for India’s chairmanship of the G20. In a tweet on December 1, he said, “Today, India assumes the presidency of the G20 for one year and the UNSC for December. We are happy to see India in the driver’s seat as we strive to keep the world united in the face of unprecedented challenges. India can count on the full support of France.

America will join hands with India
Earlier, United States President Joe Biden said that he looked forward to supporting ‘his friend’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi during India’s G20 presidency. Biden said that America and India will join hands to deal with challenges like climate, energy and food crisis.

The world will deal with these challenges
US President Joe Biden had said, “India is a strong partner of the United States, and I look forward to supporting my friend Prime Minister Modi during India’s G20 presidency.” Together, we will advance sustainable and inclusive growth by addressing common challenges such as climate, energy and food crises.

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