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If Putin thought of a nuclear attack on Kyiv, then… Zelensky’s threat – the West will terrify Russia!

Kyiv : The Russo-Ukraine War has intensified once again. Russian forces are bombing dozens of cities, including the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned of a nuclear attack. He said the West should use nuclear weapons against Russia if Vladimir Putin tries to launch a nuclear attack on Kyiv. He suggested targeting Russia’s “major centres” where key decisions are taken. Zelensky’s suggestion is a warning to Putin that he will face dire consequences if he moves against Kyiv.

Speaking to Canadian broadcaster CBC, Zelensky said, “Nobody knows what Russia is going to do tomorrow, but we know what the world will have to do.” Speaking of nuclear weapons, it does not matter whether Ukraine is a member of NATO or not, the war is taking place in Europe, on the European continent. No one can threaten us like a terrorist. He said, ‘If you ordered the killing of people, if you did, you should know that regardless of your attack, your main centers will be targeted in a second.’

‘Russia can demolish building, not morale of Ukraine’, Zelensky responds to Putin’s drone strike
Russia preparing for nuclear test?
Analysts fear Vladimir Putin could trigger an explosion in the Black Sea, threatening a tsunami and a toxic cloud. Some reports also claim that preparations are underway for a nuclear test in the Arctic before being used against Ukraine. Zelensky said Russia carried out “massive attacks” on Ukrainian energy infrastructure and fired 36 rockets overnight, causing power outages across the country.

Russian attacks on Ukraine’s power stations
The Russia-Ukraine war, which began in February, is about to complete its eight months. Meanwhile, Russia has once again stepped up attacks on power stations, water supply systems and other major infrastructure across Ukraine. Ukraine’s air force said in a statement on Saturday that Russia launched a “massive missile strike” targeting “critical infrastructure”. The Air Force said it destroyed 18 of the 33 missiles fired from the air and sea.



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