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If Saudi Arabia shuns America, then there can be destruction in the world, know how big the danger

Washington: The distance between Saudi Arabia and America is not taking the name of decreasing. Both the countries hold the most important place in this world and in such a situation the tension between them is becoming a headache for the whole world. US officials have warned Saudi Arabia of dire consequences over oil cuts. Earlier this month, Saudi Arabia announced to cut oil production. This announcement came at a time when mid-term elections are due in America. Petrol prices have increased due to the decision.

Unthinkable decision
US lawmakers have expressed apprehensions that the decision taken was never thought through. The US then threatened to restrict arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Simultaneously, the Justice Department said that it would file a case against the collusion between Saudi Arabia and other OPK member states.

Since the verdict, Saudi Arabia and its Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) have been the target of frequent US politicians. Both the countries are talking about seeing each other on this whole situation. This decision of Saudi Arabia has been feared to have bad repercussions on the financial market and economy.
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tension at its peak
There is no attempt to hide the tension from both the countries. A top Saudi government official has said that his country has behaved more intelligently. Whereas the White House official responded by saying, ‘There’s no high school romance going on here.’ If this situation continues, then the relations between the two countries may end.

Its dangerous consequences will also be seen on the world economy. Eurasia Group director Clayton Allen said it was the first time in many years that relations had become so strained. US President Joe Biden said in the year 2020 that if Saudi Arabia’s human rights record is seen, then it would be right to call it ‘pyria’.
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cheating on biden

When Biden visited Saudi Arabia in June this year, his fist bump with the Crown Prince was very much discussed. American officials thought that perhaps the country had reached a secret deal. But nothing like this happened and the whole game was changed by joining hands with Russia. On October 5, after the meeting of OPEC+ countries, Saudi Arabia announced that it would cut oil production by two percent. It is being said that Saudi Arabia has taken this decision against America by going with Russia. Some people even called it a slap on Biden’s face.

what did saudi arabia say
It was said that Saudi Arabia has taken this decision due to its dominance. While the rest of the member countries of OPEC Plus say that the decision to cut oil has been taken after mutual consent. Saudi Arabia has also insisted that the decision to cut oil production is purely economic. According to him, the purpose of this decision is to stabilize the energy market.

According to Saudi, interest rates are being raised by central banks and in such a situation there is a fear of a global recession. Some supporters of the country also argue that the security relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia is for mutual benefit and not any favor to America. Allen says that both the sides are not ready to understand each other on this whole issue.

There will be destruction in the world
Now it is feared that due to this decision, the world economy may become unstable. Maybe Saudi Arabia can take some big step on the fine imposed by America. It has been told by the Wall Street General that Saudi officials have warned that it may sell US Treasury bonds.

market will be over
If Saudi Arabia does away with American debt, then the market in America could be volatile and at the same time family business could be ruined. Saudi Arabia has a debt of $ 119 billion on the US and it is the 16th country in the world to have such a huge liability. In such a situation, the end of the relationship between America and Saudi Arabia on this occasion can become a cause of devastation for the world.

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