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Imran Khan announces, will start his ‘Hakiki Azadi’ from October 28 to dissolve the National Assembly

Addressing a press conference conference in Lahore on Tuesday, Khan said that the march would start from Liberty Chowk on October 28 and he himself would lead it. “We will gather at 11 o’clock and start marching towards Islamabad,” he said.

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He said, “We are not going to Islamabad for any violence, we will not break any law, we will not enter the high security area ‘Red Zone’, we will protest at a place in the capital, which is designated as the High Court. Chosen from the side.

march will be held in a peaceful manner

Imran Khan reiterated that all those involved in the march would behave peacefully. He said, “We will have a march for real freedom and there will be no time limit. We will reach Islamabad by GT Road and people from all over the country will come to Islamabad from Pakistan.

Khan said, “It will be something different from politics. This is a fight for freedom from these thieves which have been imposed on us. This jihad will decide where the country will go.

what is the whole matter

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Friday (21 October) barred Imran Khan from contesting elections for five years after he was found guilty of hiding proceeds from the sale of valuable gifts. In this regard, Imran had filed an appeal in the Islamabad High Court through his lawyer Barrister Ali Zafar.

The court accepted the appeal and heard the matter today. It is alleged that Imran Khan sold three watches gifted to Toshakhana to a local watch dealer for more than Rs 15.4 crore.

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