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Imran Khan News: Imran Khan’s claim of foreign conspiracy exposed, listen! Caught making plans in leaked audio

Islamabad: Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s claim of foreign conspiracy has been exposed. In an audio leaked today, he along with his fellow leaders has been caught planning a foreign conspiracy claim. In this audio, the voices of Imran Khan along with senior leaders of his party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Asad Umar, Shah Mehmood Qureshi and former principal secretary Azam Khan are heard. In fact, after being removed from the chair of the Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan had claimed a foreign conspiracy by waving a letter in public rallies. Initially, he did not name any country, but later he started directly accusing the US and his State Department officials. Imran Khan had claimed that the US had threatened the Pakistani ambassador to remove him from the post.

Imran caught saying what in viral video
In the clip going viral on social media, purportedly Imran Khan, Azam, Asad Umar and Shah Mehmood Qureshi can be heard chatting about the note of a meeting. The same note has long been projected by Imran Khan as evidence of a foreign conspiracy to remove himself from the post of Prime Minister. Imran Khan says in audio clip that Shah ji we have to have a meeting tomorrow […] You and the three of us (Imran, Qureshi and Azam Khan) and the foreign secretary. in this [बैठक]we have to ask them to write down the minutes of the meeting silently […] Azam is saying that we should draft the minutes and make photocopies of it.”

Imran refuses to name America
After this another voice is heard, which is believed to be of Azam. He says, “This cipher came on 7 or 8 […] After this Imran Khan replies that the meeting was held on 7th. Imran said, “We don’t have to name Americans. […] Under no circumstances should we take names. So please, the name of the country should not come in the name of anyone on this issue. It is very important for all of you that from which country the letter came.

PTI leaders asked to mention the letter in rallies
After this Asad Umar says, “Are you intentionally calling it a letter? This is not a letter, it is the transcript of the meeting.” In response, Imran Khan says, “Both the letter and the transcript are the same thing. People will not understand the transcript. You do this in your party.



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