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Imran Khan’s biggest U-turn on US issue, asked to improve relations with the one who ‘topples the government’

Islamabad/London: Imran Khan has said that he wants to improve relations with the US if he is re-elected as the prime minister of Pakistan and he no longer blames it for his removal as prime minister. Saying this, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan has taken a kind of ‘U-turn’ from his earlier statement. Khan had alleged that the US conspired to remove him from power by supporting the no-confidence motion of the then opposition. Khan, 70, who was voted out of power in a no-confidence motion in April this year, had so far claimed that there was a conspiracy by current Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Pakistan’s top security partner the US to remove him from office.

The US has provided billions of dollars in military aid to Pakistan. Khan claimed that the opposition’s no-confidence motion was the result of a foreign conspiracy due to his independent foreign policy on Pakistan’s relations with countries such as China and Russia. Khan also claimed that foreign funds were being used to oust him from power. Khan said in an interview with the Financial Times that he no longer “blames” the US and wants a “respectable” relationship if he is re-elected. Khan had recently suffered a fatal attack in which he was injured.
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Wants good relations with America
He told a UK newspaper about the alleged conspiracy, “As far as I am concerned, it is over…” Although both Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and the US have been denying the alleged conspiracy. Khan has been claiming that Donald Lu, the top South Asian official in the US State Department, was involved in a “foreign conspiracy” to topple his government. The newspaper quoted Khan as saying, “The Pakistan I want to lead should have good relations with everyone, especially with America.” He said, “Our relationship with America is a master-servant. But I blame my governments more than America for this.

Imran was shot
Khan, the president of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, was shot in the right leg earlier this month when two gunmen opened fire on him while he was parked on a container truck in Wazirabad area. He was leading a march against the government at the time of the incident. Khan has accused Pakistan Prime Minister Sharif, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah and Major General Faisal Naseer of plotting the attack. Khan said early elections were the only way to restore political stability.
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Questions raised again on the army
He did not outline specific plans for the economy upon returning to power, but warned that if elections were not held soon, “the situation could be very difficult for anybody to handle”. He is accused of working with political families like the Sharif family to weaken him. “The army can play a constructive role in my future plans for Pakistan. But there has to be a balance. There cannot be such a situation that there is an elected government which has the responsibility given by the people, but the authority is somewhere else.



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