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Imran Khan’s Hakiki Azadi march against the Pakistan government, demanding elections

Imran Khan Hakiki March: Former Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is facing many cases in Pakistan, has opened a front against the current government. Imran Khan has recently received a setback from the Election Commission, but despite this, he is adamant on the demand for continuous elections. With this, Imran Khan is going to start the ‘Hakiki Azadi’ march from today. So that the government can be forced to dissolve the National Assembly and announce mid-term elections. During this, hundreds of his supporters will also be present along with Imran Khan.

Imran said – will not break any law
According to the information, all the party workers, supporters and leaders will gather at Liberty Chowk in Lahore at around 11:30 am. From here everyone will march towards Islamabad under the leadership of Imran Khan. Regarding this big march, Imran Khan said that we are not going to Islamabad for any violence, we will not break any law. We will not enter the high security zone ‘Red Zone’, we will protest at a place in the capital which has been designated by the Supreme Court.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan assured that all those involved in the march would behave peacefully. Imran said that we will march for real freedom and there will be no time limit. Imran Khan told this march apart from politics. He said that the Hakiki March will be something different. This fight is with these thieves, this is a fight for freedom. These people will decide which way the country will go, all this has been imposed on us.

There was a setback from the Election Commission
The sword of arrest is already hanging on Imran Khan for all the cases, while recently the Election Commission also disqualified him. This action was taken against him for not disclosing the proceeds from the sale of gifts received by him. However, the High Court has made it clear that Imran Khan was not banned from contesting elections in future. At present this matter is in the court. Imran Khan wants that general elections should be announced in Pakistan, after which he can once again reach the power of the country.

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