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In America’s mid-term election results, there is a tussle between the parties of Trump and Biden, Indian created history

Washington: The US mid-term elections are witnessing a tussle between the ruling Democratic Party and the opposition Republican Party. Both the parties had put their full force to control the US Parliament, but now the election result is going to be almost equal between the Republican and Democratic Party. In this election, the issue of record-breaking inflation and the withdrawal of abortion rights was prominently raised. This election result will also make it clear whether Donald Trump will contest in the year 2024 or not. Indian-American Aruna Miller has become the Lieutenant Governor of Maryland. She is the first immigrant to do so. On the other hand, General Maura Haley has made history and she has become America’s first lesbian governor.

In the latest results, the Democratic Party has won 46 seats and the Republican Party has won 46 seats. 51 seats are needed to control the Senate. The Democratic Party has seized a crucial Senate seat in New Hampshire. Here Senator Maggie Hassan of the Democratic Party defeated Don Bolduk of the Republican Party. Don has been one of Trump’s staunch supporters. At the same time, the Republican Party has captured the Senate seats of Ohio and North Carolina. The district-wise battle is going on in the elections to gain control of Parliament. The Democratic Party has won from Virginia to Kansas.

President Biden’s future agenda will be decided
All eyes were fixed on these seats. States whose seats will have an impact on Parliament include New York and California. Electoral analysts say this mid-term election result will set US President Biden’s future agenda. It is being seen as a referendum on Biden’s work, at a time when America is battling with severe inflation and questions are being raised about the condition and direction of the country. If the Republican Party wins in these election results, it could open an investigation against Biden and his family.

This time 10 lakh more, 4.1 crore voters cast their votes as compared to the mid-term elections of 2018. The agenda for this election was gun control, crime, violence, abortion rights, threats to democracy, inflation and inflation, which fueled the enthusiasm of voters. Media reports said more Americans went to polling stations during the early voting period than in the previous midterm elections. Early polling in Democrat-ruled states suggests MAGA is turning a tide against Republicans, although pollsters have predicted the Trump-led Red Party could occupy any chamber of Congress—the Senate or the House—which is more likely. Is.

Biden pats back against Trump’s vigorous campaign
New York has offered early voting this time, as Democrat supporters tend to vote early than Republican supporters who favor going in person on Election Day. But this time the trend has been reversed, as Florida reports that 43.4 percent of Republicans have cast their ballots, while 36.7 percent of Democrats have voted, according to the Election Project. Another 19.9 percent were unaffiliated voters or registered voters with smaller parties. In Pennsylvania, where Trump has accused Democrats of rigging the elections, has surpassed the national average, even though the state is generally considered a battleground state characterized by a tight Senate race between John Fetterman and Mehmet Oz. Is.

Biden patted his back in the last days of campaigning against Trump’s vigorous campaign on inflation, which is affecting jobless uneducated Latino voters. This class is a trusted vote bank of Democrats. What the country can expect in the next two years and then when the 2024 presidential election is underway, instead of focusing on his achievements on job creation, student loan forgiveness and restitution, Biden’s closing remarks on Pre-Election Day are very Important, in which he talked about the right to abortion. One or two of Trump’s billionaire funders have publicly declared that they will not support Trump or pay for his campaigns for the likes of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.



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