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In Britain, two new variants of Kovid XBB and BQ.1 were stirred up, 700 people infected

Covid-19 New Variants: Two new variants of Corona have been identified in the UK which are XBB and BQ.1. The news agency The Independent has reported that more than 700 people have been infected with this new variant so far across the country and according to scientists, both XBB and BQ.1 are highly intelligent and are directly attacking the immune system and potentially The current vaccines also do not seem to have any effect on these two variants. There is a stir by this news.

The Independent reported that more than 700 cases of BQ.1 infected with these two variants have been identified as well as 18 cases of the so-called XBB variant. With both these new variants, experts are concerned that a “swarm” of such subvariants could cause a fresh Covid wave across Europe and North America by the end of November. Both these variants could be variants of the same group of fast spreading Omicron.

According to the UK Health and Safety Agency, studies are going on on new variants of Kovid and the spread of infection from them is being closely monitored. Biozentrum Research at the University of Basel, which has been studying viruses since the first corona pandemic began, is conducting research on all types of corona variants and groups of sub-variants. Research says that these variants can spread rapidly and can infect people.

Biozentrum’s computational biologist Cornelius Roemer, reported in The Independent, said, “The types of corona we are looking at now seem to be very different than before. He explained that Omicron was probably the first type that was able to evade immunity. That was good and that’s why it caused such a huge wave. Now for the first time, we see it emerging in many forms, in many ways, which have similarities to mutate and immunity.”

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As reported by The Independent, Professor Lawrence Young of the University of Warwick revealed last month that early data showed Omicron subvariants raising concerns, including signs of being able to evade vaccination. However, he warned that due to lack of testing capacity, the UK was unable to properly research these developing varieties.

The World Health Organization (WHO) Technical Advisory Group on SARS-CoV-2 Virus Evolution (TAG-VE) met on October 24, 2022, as part of ongoing work to track the variant, Omicron Was meant to discuss the latest evidence on the variants. Concern was expressed in that meeting that the new format of Kovid is becoming a matter of concern for the health of the people again and again.

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