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In New York City, America, there will be a holiday in schools on Diwali from 2023, good news for Indians

New York (USA): In New York City, US, Diwali will be a public holiday in schools from 2023. New York City Mayor Eric Adams said the important decision sends a message about the importance of the city’s inclusion. He said the decision was “long overdue” and the decision would encourage children to learn about the festival of lights. The Indian community had been demanding this holiday for a long time.

Adams, along with New York Assembly member Jennifer Rajkumar and New York City School Chancellor David Banks, said Thursday that they “know a lot” about Diwali during a series of campaigns on how to better run the state and Also know what is the meaning of this festival. He said that by declaring Diwali as a holiday in New York schools, “we want to send a clear message to the countless people who understand the importance of this celebration.”

India’s Consul General in New York, Randhir Jaiswal, thanked Adams for declaring Diwali a public holiday in schools. “It was a long-standing demand of the Indian-American community. This verdict is a symbol of diversity and pluralism in New York City. Rajkumar said that people used to say that there is not enough room in the New York City school calendar for the Diwali school holiday. This week, Rajkumar introduced a bill in the state capital that also places Diwali in the school calendar.



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