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In Pakistan, a man brutally took the lives of his sister and her boyfriend, later said this

In Pakistan, a man murdered his wife and her boyfriend.

Lahore: Another case of honor killing has come to light in Punjab, Pakistan. According to the information given by the police, a man in the state killed his sister and her lover by attacking her with an ax on suspicion of having a love affair. Police said on Wednesday that this horrific incident of murder of both took place on Tuesday in Alipur tehsil of Muzaffarnagar district, about 375 kilometers from Lahore. He told that the accused surrendered before the police after killing his sister and her.

‘The accused’s sister was found at Faiyaz’s house’

According to police officer Haseeb Javed, a man named Mulazim Hussain suspected that his 20-year-old sister Zaithan Bibi was having a relationship with a man named Faiyaz Hussain of the same area. Haseeb Javed said, ‘The employee followed his sister on Tuesday and found her at Faiyaz’s house. The employee reached there and attacked his sister and her lover with an axe, due to which they died on the spot. The officer said that after committing the crime, the employee surrendered before the police and confessed to his crime.

The accused told the reason for killing both of them

Javed said, ‘The accused believed that the affair between his sister and Faiyaz Hussain had hurt the honor of his family, that is why he murdered both of them.’ He said a case of murder has been registered against the suspect. Every year a large number of people are killed in Pakistan in the name of false honour. According to statistics, most of its victims are women. According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, every year around a thousand women are murdered in the name of honor in their country.

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