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In Samarkand is the mysterious grave of Timur Lang, who wreaked havoc from Delhi to Iran, who created a bad situation

samarkandPrime Minister Narendra Modi will be in Samarkand, Uzbekistan on 15 September. He is here to meet the Presidents of Russia and China, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. Uzbekistan is named after Uzbek, the grandson of the Mongol ruler Timur. Whenever there is mention of Uzbekistan or Samarkand, the talk of Timur will automatically spread. On hearing this name Timur, the mind rushes towards the century when India was ruled by the Mughals. Timur Lang This was the full name of the ruler whose tyranny used to shake the world. But even after the death of this ruler, people are afraid of it.

Occupation of India in the 14th century
Timur Lang is said to be more dreaded than Genghis Khan. It killed many people in India. Timur conquered and ruled many Muslim countries of Central Asia. In the 14th century, this ruler kept India under his control. Timur was the founder of the Timurid Empire and remained alive till 1857. Was born in 1336 in Shahrisbaz. This place is 80 km from Samarkand. Although some people believe that he was born in Samarkand only. Two mysteries related to Taimur’s tomb are told in the books of Orthopaedicry, Innovation and Revival and Sharf-ul-Din Ali Zayadi. Pakistanis did not spare even Jinnah, on the 74th death anniversary, there was a power cut for hours, the grave remained in darkness
Millions of crores were put to death

Timur had conquered Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Turkemenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan as well as large parts of Turkey and Syria. Apart from this, he had made the north-western part of India his slave. It is said that Timur had killed about one crore 70 lakh people. This was about five percent of the world population at that time.

The Muslims could never accept Timur because he was not a descendant of Prophet Muhammad. Timur killed people in India saying that he had started a great war against Hinduism. Timur, who considered Genghis Khan as his idol, plundered Delhi so much that it took him almost a century to recover. Many people of Central Asia consider him their hero. He says that he had done a lot of development here. The countries of Europe look at him differently because he became the cause of the fall of the Ottoman Empire.
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first secret of the tomb
When Timur won over many countries, his aim was to win over China. When he went ahead for this purpose, he died. He was buried in Samarkand on 1 April 1405. Two incidents related to his grave are such that even today people are scared. Timur started the construction of his tomb after the sudden death of Muhammad Sultan in 1403. Apart from this, he had also built a small tomb of his own in Shahrisbaz near his palace Ak-Saray Palace.

After his death his grave was covered with a precious stone. In those days the tomb was decorated with expensive stones. The grave was in a dungeon at the very bottom. This stone was very much liked by Nadir Shah. Nadir Shah was the ruler of Iran. In the year 1740, Nadir Shah took the stone to Iran, but this stone was divided into two pieces. It is said that after this the downfall of Nadir Shah started. He was advised that the stone should be kept on the grave of Timur. When Nadir put that stone back on the grave, his life became normal. Genghis Khan: The descendants of Genghis Khan, 16 million men of the world, yet no one became his own, even the grave is not known
second secret of the grave
In 1941, the ruler of Russia, Joseph Stalin, ordered the excavation of Timur’s tomb. On this order, Khailovich Gerasimov began to excavate this grave. The skeleton of Timur was found in the excavation and when it was opened, the smell of frankincense and camphor was coming from it. Actually an oil was applied on the dead body of Taimur, due to which this smell was coming. Some metal sheets wrapped in silver thread were also found along with the skeleton. The face of his skeleton was towards Mecca.

Two warnings were written on the tomb. It was written on it, ‘When I stand after my death, the world will tremble.’ Apart from this, it was written on the tomb, ‘Whoever opens my grave will be defeated by an enemy who will be more terrible than me.’ It was said that whoever dug the grave would have a big impact on that person only after three days.

On June 11, 1941, the same day after the opening of the tomb, Hitler attacked the Soviet Union. After several attacks from the German side, Stalin ordered the return of Timur’s remains and buried them with full honours. It was completed on 20 December 1942. After the burial of Timur’s remains, the German army surrendered and Russia won the Battle of Stalingrad. This war is considered to be the worst war even today.



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