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In the coronation of Elizabeth-II, King Charles-III was sitting like this with his hands on his face

Elizabeth Coronation Photo: Queen Elizabeth II of Britain died on 8 August. Since his death, there is an atmosphere of mourning across the UK. After the death of the queen, the stories related to her are in discussion among the people. Now another picture has been added to this discussion. Seeing this picture that went viral on social media, different reactions of netizens are coming out.

Let us now give you detailed information about the picture. According to the caption given on the photo, this picture is of Elizabeth II’s coronation (Elizabeth-II Coronation). In this picture taken in 1953, you can see a child who looks quite lethargic and full of boredom. According to the caption, this child is none other than King Charles-III.

Charles was the first child to see his mother’s coronation

According to an old People magazine article, the Queen’s coronation began at 11.15 a.m. and lasted about three hours. According to the Royal Family website, Charles was the first child to see his mother’s coronation. His sister, Princess Anne, was not allowed to attend at the age of two, as she was considered too young. According to the website, Charles received a special hand-painted invitation to the 1953 ceremony.

King Charles became the King of Britain

Significantly, after the death of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, her son Charles III has been declared as the new King of Britain at the ceremony of ‘Accession Council’ on Saturday. Breaking the old tradition, the ceremony was televised for the first time. The ceremony was held at St James’s Palace in London to formally announce the coronation and swearing in of the king.

What did King Charles say?

During this he said that I am aware of the duties and heavy responsibilities of sovereignty. I will endeavor to serve with loyalty, respect and love throughout my life. In carrying out these responsibilities, I will endeavor to follow the inspiring example that I have set in upholding constitutional government. I will strive for peace, harmony and prosperity of the people of these islands and Commonwealth territories around the world.

Funeral to be held on September 19

Elizabeth II’s funeral will take place on Monday 19 September at Westminster Abbey. This day has been declared a state holiday in Britain. Before the funeral, the body of the late Queen will be kept at Westminster Hall inside the Parliament complex for four days so that the British public can pay tribute to her.

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