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‘Increase closeness with India and distance from China’, America gave advice to Pakistan Army Chief Asim Munir

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Pakistan Army Chief Asim Munir

Pakistan News: The condition of poor Pakistan is bad. He is constantly ‘begging’ for loans to improve his weak economy. The political situation is also not stable. The caretaker government is incapable of taking major decisions. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Army Chief visited America, where America told him bluntly. America has given clear advice to increase closeness with its neighboring country India and maintain distance from China. This instruction has been given to him by the American officials here.

Know what advice America gave to Pakistan Army Chief?

The Biden administration has given strict advice to Pak Army Chief Asim Munir, who is visiting America. The Biden administration has clearly said that Pakistan should limit its friendship and penetration with China only to the economic corridor. This corridor is being built till Pakistan’s port Gwadar. America has said that friendship should be limited to this corridor only and China should not be allowed to reach its security system. Besides, Pakistan has been bluntly told to continue its efforts to establish peace with India. According to the report, US officials had told the Pakistan Army Chief that if his country needed financial help, he would have to accept certain terms and conditions, including trade with India.

Know before which step of China did America warn Pakistan?

According to media reports, this step of America is to stop Chinese security posts in Pakistan. China has planned to build military posts in Gwadar, Balochistan for its citizens working in Pakistan and to use Gwadar International Airport for its fighter planes. Have demanded. In such a situation, America has explained this to the Pakistan Army Chief in a clear tone.

American ambassador visited Balochistan

Recently US Ambassador Donald Blom visited Balochistan. This visit was done in the month of September. ‘Secretly’ this visit was to Gwadar port, the construction of which was financed by China. In such a situation, America is well aware of China’s actions. It is known that Gwardar Port is an important part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the favorite project of Chinese President Xi Jinping. The project has reached an impasse due to disagreements between the two countries.

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