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‘India-America best friends,’ clip of former US President Donald Trump in Hindi goes viral

New YorkFormer US President Donald Trump has said a big thing in Hindi on the relationship between India and America. Trump said, ‘India America best friend.’ Actually Trump gave an interview and a video clip of that interview has gone viral. In the same clip, the former President can be heard saying this. According to Trump, India had got America’s best friend during his tenure. Trump made this comment on the relationship between India and America when he was referring to his tenure. This interview is not yet on air. Trump has started working hard for the elections to be held in 2024.

‘I am better than Obama and Biden’
It is believed that this interview has also given a glimpse of Trump’s plan before the elections, in which he is once again trying to woo Indians settled in America. Not only this, Trump has also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this interview. Trump said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi is doing a great job right now and India has no better friend than me.”

According to Trump, his relationship with Modi is very special and both are best friends. Trump has described PM Modi as a wonderful person. Trump had said that the relations between India and America have improved during his tenure, the better they are not under the tenure of Barack Obama and now President Joe Biden. Trump also claimed that the Indian society settled in America also supports him a lot. America is begging from Saudi Arabia, the great collapse under Biden’s rule, Donald Trump’s worst attack
Trump’s election plan
Trump is likely to contest during the US presidential elections to be held in 2024. In this interview too, he talked about this many things. Trump said, ‘Many people will be happy if I contest the election, but there will be some who will be very sorry for their election. Everyone wants me to contest because my popularity is very high.

Trump claimed that he was leading in every survey conducted on the candidature. So far, however, Trump has not announced his candidacy. Mid-term elections are going to be held in the US in November and in these elections too, the Republican Party’s candidates who support Trump are leading.



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