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India China News: Third party interference not acceptable… Dragon furious over Indo-US military exercise near LAC

Beijing: China has strongly objected to the Indo-US joint military exercise near the LAC. The Chinese Defense Ministry has issued a statement saying that China strongly opposes third party interference on the China-India border issue. The statement also said that the US does not want peace and stability to be created in Asia. For this reason, he is trying to increase the military tension from east to west. India and the US have carried out joint military exercises in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand in recent months. In this, the commandos of the special forces of both the countries were involved in the exercise named Vajra Prahar.

China is irritated by Indo-US military exercises
China has already opposed Indo-US military exercises near Alli. China claims that India’s move is a clear violation of the border agreements made in 1993 and 1996. Whereas, China is the only country that first attacked the Indian Army in Galvan in June 2020, breaking this agreement. In this clash, 20 soldiers of the Indian Army were martyred, while more than 40 soldiers of China also suffered casualties. Since then, the military tension between the two countries continues on the border.

China had accused India of breaking the agreement
China had targeted through the Global Times alleging that India was defying the bilateral agreement. Not only this, China even claimed that India crossed the LAC. Whereas, the truth is that China has illegally occupied 38 thousand square kilometers of India’s land. China is eyeing India’s Arunachal Pradesh, which it considers part of southern Tibet. This is the reason why China keeps infiltrating Arunachal Pradesh.

India China News: Not China, India broke the agreement on LAC… Global Times furious at S Jaishankar’s statement
China encroached on LAC in many areas
China and India signed two agreements on the border issue in 1993 and 1996. In the boundary agreement signed in 1993, it was agreed to create peace and stability along the Line of Actual Control between the two countries. Despite this, China has made encroachment not only in Doklam, but also in Pangong Lake area and Galwan Valley in the last 20 years. After which China’s senses were blown away by the strong action of the Indian Army.




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