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India In NATO: Is India going to be a part of NATO with military of 40 countries? American official gave a big statement

Washington: A senior official of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has said a big deal about India’s involvement in it. US Permanent Representative Julian Smith has made the first public comment on this. He has said that the alliance is open to more talks with India. Speaking to the media, Smith also confirmed that informal talks had taken place between NATO and some Indian officials on the sidelines of the annual Raisina Dialogues held in Delhi.

Conversation at Raisina Dialogues

Julian Smith said, ‘There have been some exchanges outside the Raisina Dialogue, which is a start and has opened up the conversation a bit.’ He told that this message has been given to India earlier also that NATO definitely wants to be closer with India as an alliance. At present there are 40 countries in NATO. A meeting of foreign ministers of NATO countries is to be held in Brussels on April 4 and 5. Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan have also been invited to participate in this meeting. These four countries of the Indian Pacific region are formal partners of this Grand Alliance.
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India did not get the invite for the meeting
When Smith was asked whether India has also been invited to attend these meetings and become a member of the organization? On this he said, ‘The door is open for India to join NATO in future. But India should also be interested. Until India’s interest is known, India cannot get the invite for the ministerial meeting. Smith also believed that India has an important role to play in ensuring a free and open Indo-Pacific region.

previously offered
This comment from Julian Smith has come at a time when the Russia-Ukraine war is going on and there are talks about China’s aggression from ASEAN to India. According to experts, it is a result of China’s aggression that major geopolitical changes are being seen from Europe to the Indo-Pacific region. Russian President Vladimir Putin has blamed NATO for the Ukraine war. However, NATO has refused to accept this. India is being asked many times to join NATO but till now the Government of India has not taken any decision on this.

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